Nov 27, 2013

ART | Thanksgiving Fashion

It's Thanksgiving here in the states. Do you think about what to wear? Comfort is a big factor for me. I mean you're essentially digesting. All day long. Or cooking. And burning yourself, or the food, and feeling pretty full even before dinner's served (samples, people!).

Overindulgence during the holidays can make you feel like this poor guy you see here (Rudolf II, The Holy Roman Emperor in 1509 when the work was commissioned). Notice the huge radish bags under his eyes, and the gourd for a forehead? And then there's Matisse, and a still-life by van Beyeren, a renowned 17th c. Dutch still-life painter. All portraying food or feasting in different ways, a common theme in artwork for centuries.

And with these paintings, I've paired some Thanksgiving attire with comfort in mind, from casual {1} to a bit whimsical {2}. To even a more fantastical look {3}, which I have to say I want to try someday. {Maybe not Thanksgiving, but a dinner party, lights out, illuminated by only a few candles... and decadence. And that Kenzo eye-print dress. I wonder if they could make it glow-in-the-dark?}

{1} Thanksgiving Sweats
Elastic waist, but silk. Chunky heels. And really, everyone needs a big soft cardigan. Wearing a simple, airy top in a gorgeous pale pink saves the look from glorified sweats-and-old-man-sweater purgatory.
 photo Arcimboldo-Outfit-Collage-Thanksgiving-1_zps2215ca0a.pngClockwise from top: Jasmin Shokrian Draft No. 17, bound chiffon tee $167; Theory, Arai Double Silk Georgette Trousers $247; Steven, Slaater Open Toe Booties $90; J.Crew, Invitation Clutch $138.

{2} No pants. Or, A Puritanical Look
Dresses, because why any waistband reminding you of that second helping of everything? Buckles and boots to relive those days long past when you dressed up as pilgrims in grade school. Bonnets optional. Definitely some dark opaque stockings to complete your look.
 photo Matisse-Outfit-Collage-Thanksgiving-1_zps65d3082d.pngClockwise from top: Girl by Band of Outsiders, Jewel print dress $395Girl by Band of Outsiders, Rose pintuck dress $585; Alice by Temperley, Long Kyoto Dress $584; Matt Bernson, Saint Denis Ankle Strap Booties $177; Raoul, Anastassia Pussy Bow Shirt Dress $627Charles Anastase, annie linen dress $696; Boutique 9, Alberina Over the Knee Boots $320.

{3} A Fantasy Thanksgiving
I need more lobster in my life. And dark, mysterious places to wear beautiful and slightly quirky clothes and shoes.
 photo Beyeren-Outfit-Collage-Thanksgiving-1_zpsf2f167ac.pngClockwise from top left: Alice + Olivia, Louisa Maxi Dress $440; Suno, Cotton and Silk-Blend Dress $1,495; Kenzo, Eye-Print Crepe Dress $880; Loeffler Randall, Lana d'Orsay Haircalf Wedges $297; Erdem, Lowry Jacquard Dress $1,585; Rebecca Minkoff, Abel Suede d'Orsay Pumps $206

Happy turkey day, everyone!

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