Dec 28, 2013

A LOOK AT | Jeweled Sweatshirts

 photo Jeweled-Sweatshirts-3_zps569640fa.png Gilded, embellished, jeweled sweatshirts. I know. I'm late to the brilliance (ha!) that is essentially loungewear cleverly masked as real clothing simply because of a few strategically placed sparkles. It's understandable why this trend seems to have staying power: Comfort plus the residual conditioning of glitter and plastic jewels that years of playing with Barbies will have on a girl.

Speaking of Barbies. The sweatshirt shown above is from Stella McCartney kids. Isn't it great? Stella McCartney kids supposedly runs small, unfortunately, because did I mention this sweatshirt also comes in matching tracksuit pants? And they're made from organic cotton? Why don't they make anything this cute for ...slightly older children? Who might happen to think that some children's clothing is a lot more appealing than adult's? I'm looking at you ladies who stray over into the J.Crew kid's section.
 photo Jeweled-Sweatshirts-2_zpsf55d9584.png1. Net-A-Porter $1545 $772   2. OTTE $425   3. Net-A-Porter $100   4. Net-A-Porter $345

For the rest of us, these grown-up options also add enough whimsy to liven up any outfit. Because, really, aren't these sparkles and embellishments just a way to add some playful fun to our look? 

Go casual by pairing these tops with your favorite pair of worn-in jeans and low-heeled wedge booties. And the embellishments add enough ornament, allowing you to dress it up with a slim skirt and tights as well. 

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