Dec 18, 2013

MD Solar Sciences Mineral Créme Sunscreen

I have pale skin. Paler in contrast to my dark hair, which I suppose prompted a random (and, I would hope, drunken) stranger to ask me once, quite seriously, whether I was a vampire. With equal gravity, I confirmed his suspicion. Oh what delights city streets can bring to unsuspecting ladies. 

But I'll admit. Most physical sunscreens (composed of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide mineral filters versus chemical filters) give a ghostly (if not vampiric) hue to the wearer's face. They generally have a very thick and oily consistency that, inexplicably, leaves my face feeling tight and dry by the end of the day. In short, not something you want on your face all day, every day.  But we all know how important daily application of sunscreen is in the prevention of skin cancer and signs of aging.
So, I've tried a lot of physical sunscreens over the past year. Because the general consensus seems to be that physical sunscreens are preferable to those with chemical filters (which is the majority of sunscreens on the market).

And right now, I'm using MD Solar Sciences Mineral Créme sunscreen.

It's lightweight with a soft mousse-like texture that's very easy to apply. Simply glides on. See?

In fact, its consistency is very similar to that of a face primer. It comes in the regular Mineral Créme SPF 50 version, and a tinted SPF 30 version. I use the tinted version as my everyday sunscreen, as I've found the regular SPF 50 does impart a bit of a white cast.

Both versions contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as their active ingredients. They also rate among the Environmental Working Group's top sunscreens. (EWG gathers ingredient information on thousands of beauty products into a searchable database and scores those products according to their hazard level).

I'm a little in love with this sunscreen, because it's the first sunscreen that actually makes my skin look better. Like I've applied primer and foundation. Or a BB cream. In one step. And what really won me over was that it smooths over any dry skin. Anyone with dry skin will know the pain of applying foundation and seeing those rough flaky patches become even more noticeable. I'd recommend it for ladies with oily skin as well. The consistency is not greasy, but has a sort of smooth mattifying effect on the skin, again like a primer.

The bottom line is that this is the first sunscreen I'm happy to wear every day. And that really is the best part about this sunscreen.

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