Feb 21, 2014

PICKS | Springing Into New Shades of Nail Polish

 photo Spring-Shades-Nail-Polish_zps30fb3cf8.png

1. ILLAMASQUA, "Hemlock" $17; available at sephora.com or illamasqua.com
2. DOLCE & GABBANA, "Anise" $25; available at sephora.com
3. GIVENCHY, "Rose Taffetas" $20; available at givenchybeauty.com
4. JIN SOON, "French Lilac" $18; available at jinsoon.com or spacenk.com

I feel boredom settling in with classic red nails (catching glimpses of my sadly chipped OPI "Color So Hot It Berns" as I type), and I'd like something new to distract me as I do chaturanga in yoga class.

Less screaming bloody murder, if you will, and more looking ahead to brighter, lighter shades of spring. I know this has been a hellish winter for many of you (to put it mildly), so maybe these shades will be a pleasant distraction as...well, as they hide underneath two layers of mittens. Although I'm not sure nails are like lingerie in that you, alone, can derive satisfaction from knowing what's 'underneath your clothes' (as Shakira would say), or in this case, under those necessary frostbite-preventative accoutrements that make getting out the door so time consuming during winter.

But look. Cinderella nails. And thank you, Illamasqua, for including an actual nail polish on fingernails money-shot on your webpage. Or rather, bewitching, as the name suggests (hemlock being a poisonous plant, and which a quick google search told me is "essential in any witch's garden" and used for "astral projection and divination"). Quite the versatile shade for whatever mood, princess-y or enchantress, you're in.

 photo Illamasqua-Hemlock-Nail-Varnish_zps376f7408.jpg

Dolce & Gabbana's "Anise" (2) has just enough grey tones and sheerness that it's far subtler than too-literal interpretations of light blue shades (and there are a lot out there lately) that look too harsh.

And Givenchy's "Rose Taffetas" (3) and Jin Soon's "French Lilac" (4) are just plain pretty. Givenchy's rose shade feels bit old-fashioned, in the best way possible (I'm thinking early season Betty from the show Mad Men with perfectly manicured nails holding a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other). Jin Soon's lilac shade is more 90's grunge to me. Call me crazy, I know, but I think this shade would perfectly complement a plaid shirt and torn-up jeans better than a pretty dress.

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