Mar 2, 2014

EDIT | "Called to the Barre" + Misty Copeland

I'm loving the soft muted tones of this editorial from How to Spend It (the Financial Times lifestyle magazine). It could be that I'm a little obsessed with all things ballet, despite my only contact with a barre consisting of holding on for dear life at a Bar Method class. That and falling down a YouTube hole of ballet clips and documentaries (why I would watch a clip about whether I'm ready for pointe shoes is beyond me). I guess I must enjoy the somewhat subversive pleasure of watching incredible bodies doing incredible things whilst at my laziest, snacking on hummus and salt and vinegar potato chips in bed.

Speaking of incredible, ballerina Misty Copeland is featured in a new Under Armour campaign, seen below, and more here. Hers is an impressive story of starting ballet at the relatively late age of 13 and going on to become the first black soloist with the American Ballet Theatre in two decades. And she enjoys "muse" of Prince (yes, that Prince) status.

 photo Misty-Copeland-UnderArmour_zps83e25b39.png

A ballerina sans costume, behind the curtain, just a showcase of her grace and beauty, her sheer strength and athleticism. Inspiring. I hope Under Armour keeps these ads coming.

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