Jun 6, 2014

LAYERS | Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz makes an otherwise simple black outfit into a dark canvas for perfectly layered necklaces. The key here is contrast. A curved bar necklace from Carbon & Hyde provides an almost industrial and linear contrast to the two arrow-shaped opal necklaces of differing colors and lengths from Kimberly McDonald.

Simplicity in your clothing choice is important - stick to neutral colors or, of course, black, because the point is to highlight the beautiful jewelry you've chosen.

And the lips! The warm pink really sets off the colors in the jewelry around her neck. Kevin Aucoin's 'The Flesh Tone' lip pencil in 'Blossom' would be a close match (and, despite its name, not at all 'flesh'-colored). In fact, it's quite a bright tone (much more so than is pictured on the product page), so I tend to use it sparingly for daytime. But for an evening out, it's a great (and less bold) alternative to a red lip. 

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