Jun 2, 2014

SUNDAYS | Weck + Kefir

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I'm a sucker for packaging. Case in point: Little glass jars from Weck provide the perfect vehicle for some kefir (or yogurt) on a leisurely Sunday morning. I'm on a kefir kick at the moment, mostly because I seem to digest it better than yogurt (where have my lactose digestive enzymes gone?!). According to one study, kefir may even boost lactose toleranceAnd, of course, because probiotics, to help balance intestinal flora. (Because when you hit the third decade of your life, you suddenly seem to take an interest in these things).

The easiest way to make fruit-on-the bottom yogurt/kefir is to spoon some good jam into the bottom of your jar (I really like Fiordifrutta - organic, no added sugar - just 'wild'(!) apple juice, and contains 30% less sugar than other brands). I topped my kefir jar with some home-made granola and chia seeds. My favorite kefir at the moment (because, again, with an interest in intestinal flora comes an interest in the best-tasting products to facilitate their health) is from Wallaby, specifically the Plain Organic Lowfat Kefir (made locally from pasture farms in Sonoma and Marin counties).

And tulips are always welcome at the breakfast table.

{Weck is a German company that has been making canning jars since 1900. Buy direct from their website here.}

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