Jul 11, 2014

EDIT | Bird of Paradise

Does anyone else have an Anthropologie problem? Getting so caught up in the backdrop of polka-dot dresses, ruched linens, and reclaimed wood furniture that you find yourself purchasing odd and assorted trinkets and knick-knacks? Very useful and necessary things like, say, fabric flower push-pins (purchased on sale!) that have been sitting in a desk drawer unopened for the past few months?

I've also had a 'head scarf' headband from Anthropologie for a few years that I've never worn, but this gorgeous tropics-inspired editorial shot by Hilary Walsh for C Magazine's summer issue [see the rest of the editorial, here] has me convinced. Yes, convinced hat I should ditch that pasty pink headband (partly because I can't wear an elastic headband for more than 10 minutes) and get myself a fun bright parrot-colored silk scarf, teach myself how to tie it, and somehow texturize my stick-straight hair into holding a loose [J.Crew undone] bun.

From top, left to right: LISA KING $223; ANNA CORONEO $195; BORN FREE (Diane von Furstenberg) $88; LISSY VERKADE $295; STELLA MCCARTNEY $346 $173; MARC BY MARC JACOBS $128 $64

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