Jul 16, 2014

White Sweaters for Summer

Three different variations on a white sweater -- because I don't need much of an excuse to wear any sweater, whatever the season (L.A. nights are cold!). First, a fun quirky Stella McCartney version, (pre-order here) above [Glamour France, via FGR], reminiscent of the squiggle patterns seen in her Winter 2014 collection.  To the right, Vasilisa, shot by Vanessa Jackman, wearing a boxy waffled knit that looks clean and crisp worn with a black skirt/short (I can't bring myself to say 'skort'!) and purse. And below, Maja layering an oversized tee under a long white knit -- with her ombré tips matching her accessories and shoes.
SANDRO Sourire $355 $177; PROENZA SCHOULER Cropped Paneled Pullover $485; H&M Cable-knit Sweater $35; H&M Pattern-knit Sweater $15; CHLOÉ Textured Wool Blend Sweater $1295

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