Aug 20, 2014

Current/Elliott 'The Cropped Straight' Destroyed Jeans

Current/Elliott 'Cropped Straight' in Townhouse Destroy [this particular color only available at Nordstrom, $248, with a lighter denim 'destroyed' version available at] is a wonderfully versatile pair of jeans. This dark grey, distressed denim goes with anything. Including more denim, for a not so obvious denim on denim look. It looks like a pair of black jeans that's been hacked and sawed, let to dry out in the Mojave for years. In a good way. Lots of strategically 'destroyed' patches running down the front of each leg, plus additional fading on the back pockets. The hems are let out and frayed, as well.

Current/Elliott's 'cropped straight' is a step below a 'boyfriend' jean -- roomy, but less relaxed than a 'boyfriend' cut, and true to its name, cropped and straight-legged. I've always gone down a size with boyfriend jeans that were too baggy for my taste. The waist still fits, although you may have to hike them up higher than they were meant to be worn, hanging loose around the hips. (Which isn't really a problem, as these denim styles tend to have longer waists and lower pockets). For this particular pair, I went down a size as well, and they fit like a more comfortable pair of skinny jeans. There's just more fabric to go around! (Sidenote: Skinny jeans with a high Lycra content look ridiculously small, don't they?) The legs are definitely cut straight down, so the hem was a bit wider than I liked for flats or sneakers, but rolling them up does the trick.

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