Aug 18, 2014

Pairing Light Neutrals

Oatmeal, beige tones, blush pinks, khaki, white (of course), biscuit, sandy, camel brown, egg-shell... I had to resort to a thesaurus (don't laugh) to come up with just a few more interesting ways to describe all the different shades of light neutrals that can easily be combined to form an outfit that looks sophisticated and effortless, appropriate for summer months. There's a high likelihood of blending into similarly minimalistic surroundings (or looking too atonal, though personally, I love the minimalism of an all neutral look), so choose accessories with a higher visibility quotient like dark sunglasses, red nails, or a brown Chanel bag.

Photos: | The Northern Light | Titles Are Too Mainstream | Søren Jepsen (The Locals) for | Make Life Easier | Badlands at Vogue Australia

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