Aug 21, 2014

White Palazzo Pants

With Labor Day coming up in a bit over a week, here's an homage to white (I hope no one actually follows that rule), in the form of palazzo, or wide-legged trousers. I think skinny jean burnout is a real thing (read this Business of Fashion article), though I would hesitate to call its death knell just yet. But long, flowy, unconstricted pants sound good sometimes, don't they? Especially when you start noticing imprinted seams on your skin from jeans that are obviously too tight. Yikes!

Crisp white paired with more white (if you dare!), or navies or black for more contrast. I do admire the pristine simplicity of an all-white ensemble, though the impracticality of it makes a certain clumsy someone think she'll stick to one white piece of clothing at a time. Dry cleaning bills add up, after all.

Photos: Maja Wyh | Dvora for Vogue UK | Stockholm Streetstyle for | Stefania Paparelli for Elle Australia via Image Amplified | Song of Style | Mr. Newton for Harper's Bazaar | Kenza Zouiten | Melodie Jeng for Refinery29 | Candice Lake for Vogue UK

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