Sep 15, 2014

Are Mom Jeans Really Happening? NYFW Thinks So...

I see the words "jeans" and "mom" together, but I've been having a hard time processing their association in my head. Mom jeans. High-waisted, roomy, light wash denim, tapered leg, not cuffed or cropped...and does nothing for your figure. Is it really happening, skinny-jean-wearing ladies of the world?

Vogue came out with a video on how to style them. Who What Wear attempted to quell any "panic" of its "frumpiness." Fashionista's Nora Crotty wrote about her quest to find the perfect pair (and informed this reader that they've been trendy for "quite a bit now." See refusal to process "mom" and "jeans" for the better part of this year!). More about mom jeans at Jezebel. And, of course, the Business of Fashion (via Bloomberg) investigated "Killing the Skinny Jean." Not specifically that mom jeans were going to do it (dressy sweat pants, palazzo pants, and looser fitting bottoms, in general, were mentioned). But the most interesting take-away is that women have apparently been occupying the same pair of skinny jeans for years, because the denim industry is hurtin' for you to buy into a new trend.

And then New York Fashion Week happened this past week. And all the mom jean street style kinda got to me. My favorite -- the fashionable lady in the leading and ending photos, in the mom jeans paired with a simple sleeveless off-white top, black pointed shoes. Those mom jeans look temptingly comfortable, right?

Photos: Dan Roberts for | Diego Zuko for Harper's Bazaar | Tommy Ton for | Diego Zuko for Harper's Bazaar | Tommy Ton for

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