Sep 19, 2014

Capes, Glorified Blankets | PICKS

Left to Right, from top: CALLA Multi Plush Buckled Cape $655; PIERRE-LOUIS MASCIA Draped Cape $446; TOPSHOP Blanket Stitch Cape $68; MISSONI Contrasting Panels Ribbed Cape $1,529; TOPSHOP Pattern Blanket Coat $140; ZARA Cape Coat $249; SOFIE D'HOORE Oversized Open Cape $720

After salivating over Burberry's monogrammed cape in yesterday's post, here are more wallet-friendly* (or rather, friendlier) options for those of you who'd like to wallow in the delicious shapelessness of a cape, or what I like to call a glorified blanket. An outdoor-friendly, socially acceptable Snuggie (of the 'sleeved blanket' category of clothing, Wikipedia entry, here). Topshop's version is remarkably similar in its color scheme to the Burberry original, and at $68, is worth the price of the built-in Halloween fall leaf costume.

*(Except for the Missoni. I'm sorry, I really enjoy looking at this Missoni cape, and it's even pricier than the Burberry monogram cape, but's so pretty!)

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