Sep 1, 2014

Flared Pants

High-waisted, flared denim (think 70's era) can be tough to pull off -- remember Jessica Simpson, circa 2009? (The double, leopard-print belt didn't help, either). And they're not even all that comfortable. All that extra fabric up top feels constricting and can also be quite unforgiving in the tummy/hip area. And for a lot of us who are so used to skinny jeans, that's a lot of fabric down below, too. So, flares? How can I get my fix? Non-denim. Lighter fabric. High-waisted, maybe, but try going for a looser cut (see Meenal Mistral's navy blue trousers, top left). And if you're not as tall as a model, the looser cut will actually help to elongate your leg line (because the looser top half balances out the flare, and the more exaggerated the flare, the less distorted the line is). Or, just ditch the high-waisted look and try a pair of trouser pants with a flare. Beetlejuice pants? Sure, those CĂ©line stripes make Taylor Tomasi Hill's legs look money. Just don't let it drag -- tailoring is your friend!

Photos: Courtney D'Alesio for Elle | Tim Regas for Vanity Fair | Nam for | David Sims for Vogue Paris, Sept. 2014, via Visual Optimism | Marcus Pritzi for Marie Claire, Sept. 2014, via Visual Optimism

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