Sep 8, 2014

Lace-up Heeled Sandals

Please, for the love of God, don't wear lace up heels with booty cut, frayed denim shorts. Well, you can. But jeans cut diagonally up towards the hips to look disturbingly like (no, exactly like) a pair of uh...denim diapers? Yes, I saw this poor girl recently at the mercy of her shopping companion 'friends,' who failed to make some sort of comment about her denim underwear, paired with lace-up heels. Something like, "denim and underwear should never be used as a two-word phrase!?" (And yes, I'm an "old," maybe.)

I digress. Lace-up heels are inherently sexy, so they're a great way to enliven what would otherwise be an ordinary look. Which is easy to say about any fabulous shoe, right? But there's something about the 'strappiness,' shall we say, of a lace-up shoe that's so appealing, and continues to be since this past summer.

It's still 90 degrees here in Los Angeles, so sandals will still be on our radar for at least a few more weeks. But even as temperatures drop into more seasonally fall-like weather, take a cue from these ladies about transitioning warm weather pieces into fall. Meaning, you just go ahead and wear your favorite summer sandals -- a pair of red lace-up heels -- with whatever appropriate cold weather outfit you had planned, like a woolen plaid Tommy Hilfiger skirt and motorcycle jacket. (Bravo, Anna Ziourova). Or, all-black (cool culottes!) for Anja Rubik (below, right) with black lace-ups. So chic. And my favorite way to wear lace-up heels -- with denim. They might even make boyfriend jeans look mildly, minutely sexy. And paired with cropped skinny jeans? Oh yes, I'll be wearing 'em whatever the weather (at least here in California)!

Photos: Tommy Ton for | Phil Oh for Vogue | Maja Wyh | Xiaohan Shen for Refinery29 | Vogue UK

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