Oct 8, 2014

Banded, Stacked Rings | EDIT

I don't have a copy of Harper's Bazaar Netherlands to tell me where I can get these turquoise-colored banded rings. Nor was I able to find them online. Maybe a friendly internet stranger can help? The color is great, of course, but also the simplicity of multiple parallel bands, especially the added midi four-band on model Iris Van Berne's one finger...just such a cool look, right? In the meantime, here are a few banded, stacked rings:

PAMELA LOVE Single Cage Rose Gold-Plated Ring $275; ARME DE L'AMOUR Chevron Gold-Plated Ring $255; H&M 3-Pack Rings $8;  AURELIE BIDERMANN Esteban Ring $325; LOREN STEWART Gold Midi Cuff Ring $295; MARIA FRANCESCA PEPE Three Band Ring $170; REPOSSI Black Gold Triple Band BerbĂ©re Cage Ring $2,780.

Photos: Mikael Schulz for Harper's Bazaar Netherlands, Sept. 2014 via Visual Optimism

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