Oct 1, 2014

Isabel Marant Samuel Sweater | Fall 2014

Isabel Marant's 'Samuel' sweater from her fall 2014 collection is proving to be a street style favorite. And a bit like a Rorschach test (those psychologically revealing ink blots). Because your idea of a 'tribal print' could be someone else's 'Aztec pattern,' or simply a 'geometric print,' all according to Barney's and other e-commerce sites. Or a hieroglyphic depiction of waves. Like an ancient Egyptian surfer's 'hang ten.' That's what I see (what does that say about me!?).

During London Fashion Week recently, Camille (at Camille Over the Rainbow) paired her Samuel sweater with the Adelaide wrap skirt, as seen on the runway. And her Alexander Wang bootie-like pumps perfectly echo the interesting patterns up top. (Get those Alexander Wang pumps, here. They're on sale!)

Samuel Sweater in Ivory: $845 here, here, or here. Or, at FarFetch from about $660 (plus international shipping).
Samuel Sweater in Grey: FarFetch from about $823.
Samuel Sweater in Green: FarFetch from about $750.
Adelaide Wrap Skirt: $505 here. Or, at FarFetch from about $415. 
Sienna Wrap Skirt: $585 here. Or, at FarFetch from about $460.  

Photos: style.com | Diego Zuko for Harper's Bazaar

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