Oct 15, 2014

Plaid Shirts | PICKS

From top, left to right: ZARA Ruffle Collar Check Shirt $40; BAND OF OUTSIDERS Cropped Sleeve Plaid Shirt $325; RTA Plaid Shirt $225; MIH JEANS Oversized Plaid Silk Shirt $305; ELIZABETH AND JAMES Carine Embellished Plaid Shirt $295; H&M Flannel Shirt $25.
Yesterday's post saw the somewhat unusual pairing of plaid shirts with midi-length skirts (unusual to me, because I can't recall wearing wearing a plaid shirt with anything other than denim). Here are options for one half of that equation: Zara's affordable option is the cutest of the bunch, with ruffles at the wrists and neckline, and ruching along the back. RtA's red plaid has a raw hemline, and on the opposite side of the spectrum is MiH Jeans with a silk over-sized version of a plaid shirt (probably my favorite of them all!).

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