Oct 21, 2014

Tied Belts, Skirts

Going for a longer belt, tying it in a knot, and letting the ends hang down looks more interesting than a normal-fitting belt, doesn't it? We saw it on the runway at Michael Kors (Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear), and on the street during fashion week recently (above). Go for a crisp button-down, tucked in (plaid, as on this Michael Kors look, below left, or in classic blue, above right), a cropped sweater top, or a more fall-appropriate thin sweater that's easily tucked in (above left). If you have a cool leather skirt to pair it with, all the better. I like the juxtaposition of leather with a simple, classic sweater, and the bold, modern feel of this lady's silver cuff is perfect.

Photos: Tommy Ton for style.com | Tommy Ton for style.com | style.com | style.com

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