Nov 5, 2014

Carey Mulligan in Harper's Bazaar UK, Dec. 2014 | EDIT

Carey Mulligan, the subject of a massive girl crush from yours truly, covers the December issue of Harper's Bazaar UK, and you can find part of her interview, here. She's lovely, sure, but she also comes across as thoughtful, gracious, and her killer work ethic and dedication to her craft comes as no surprise. Here's a very brief highlight reel:

1. She eats avocado on toast with poached eggs for breakfast (sounds delicious, puts my oatmeal this morning to shame).

2. She uses the phrase "tits up" (which is hysterical to this Yankee).

3. She works with the charity War Child, a network of organizations humanitarian organizations dedicated to the plight of children and young people affected by armed conflict. Learn more, here, and donate, here

4. Look forward to her new film, Suffragette, about the early years of the British suffrage movement in mid-2015.

5. Her 'hunger-strike' diet for the film caused her to gain three kilos -- a natural consequence of being on a no sugar diet (which I'd never survive). Because you compensate by eating "massive packets of nuts every day" (as would we all).

Get your copy of Harper's Bazaar UK with Carey's full interview on newsstands starting this month! 

Photos: Alexi Lubomirksi for Harper's Bazaar UK, Dec. 2014

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